Hanas, as a leading company committed to energy transformation in China, has long attached great importance to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and focused on and practiced the coordinated and sustainable development of economy, environment and society. For over a decade, we have been actively developing green, safe and reliable clean and renewable energy and leading the society to shift its dependence on non-clean energy resources. Hanas adheres to the promotion of China’s energy transformation as a corporate mission integrated into our development concept and practice, and constantly improves and strengthens the corporate image with a strong sense of social responsibility.

Hanas has established and perfected its social responsibility management system and rules, strengthened publicity and education in corporate social responsibility, enhanced the positive impact of business operations on society and the environment, and worked hard to achieve virtuous interaction and balance between corporate development and social responsibility.

Over the years, Hanas has enjoyed sound performance in fulfilling its social responsibilities:

  • We have been actively developing clean energy, speeding up construction progress, improving project quality, applying advanced and applicable technologies and equipment, and continuously improving operational efficiency and standards. We have been optimizing the layouts and forging ahead to take the leading position in terms of energy efficiency in new energy power generation by ensuring project quality, safe and stable operation, cost control among other measures.
  • We have been continuously improving the production management system that adapts to the scale of market and the company, optimizing the competitive employment mechanism based on labor contracts to effectively protect the legitimate rights and obligations of the employees, and striving to build a harmonious relationship featuring mutual supports, reciprocal benefits and win-win cooperation.
  • We have been implementing a green, safe and highly efficient energy development strategy, expanding the scale of clean energy and improving energy efficiency in the process of producing green energy. In 2016, Hanas had generated green power of 3.2 billion KWH, equivalent to saving 1.29 million tons of standard coal, reducing 2.48 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 90,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and 880,000 tons of dust emissions.
  • We have been sharing our sense of responsibility and humanity with the public, active in public welfare and activities, committed to community volunteer services, paying attention to and supporting Wuzhong Special Education School and other institutions alike, proactively participating in social donation activities at various levels, and striving to take our corporate social responsibilities in a comprehensive manner.

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