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Wind Power Operation

Hanas New Energy Group has closely analyzed operational experiences in wind power as a new energy industry and adopted the operation and maintenance models of Vestas, Siemens, GE and other major international wind power operators, and created a new model of operation and maintenance jointly conducted by Hanas and Vestas based on its actual business situations.

Hanas New Energy Group has signed the Joint Maintenance Agreement for wind turbines with Vestas to eventually reach the international advanced level of wind power operations, reduce operating costs and improve profitability in a long-term and lasting manner. The cooperation with Hanas is also Vestas’ first wind turbine joint operation and maintenance mode in the world.

Vestas offers 25 Combo Support Services guides and trains Hanas management technicians. It includes big data cloud fault diagnosis, preventive maintenance, health assessment and other technical support, and also covers a full range of technical support, such as internet-based worldwide troubleshooting, on-site operation guidance, maintenance of large components. The service package involves management and control system and standards in terms of safety, quality, environment, procedures and processes in order for us to conduct strengthened supervision of safety, quality and environment as well as relevant long-term trainings in the fields of safety, techniques, procedures and processes etc. Vestas has also established its Northwestern operation and maintenance service center and technical service center to provide non-stop on-site services on a 24-hour basis.

In order to further improve the practical operation skill level of maintenance personnel, strengthen business training, and strive...